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    Because your comfort is important to us, You decide where the tour have to begin or where you want to make it and we will deliver Electro - scooters on the selected place.


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Whether you wish to experience  sightseeing, family day outs or business trips, your ideas can be realized with our Electric - Scooters. For every occasion and for all trips. We have planned tours or we can create tours according to your requirements and wishes. On each tour, our E-Scooters we will offer comfort, convenience, entertainment and fun. With us can you yourself to determine where, when and how.

Our tips

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Do you wonder how can you spend quality time together with your loved ones, how to surprise them or just how to have fun?  With our E-scooters your problems are solved.


Satisfied employees do more than three dissatisfied. H. Ford

Thinking how to motivate yours employees or how to thank them? Or do you want a great team building experience ? Thats why we are here!  Our Electric - Scooters represent an excellent alternative to the previously used forms of events.


Do you wish to discover the beautiful of city Lucerne, Zürich and Central Switzerland comfortable, fast and safe? Or do you like the idea of ​​new experiences? And how about all together ? With our Electric - Scooters you can see Switzerland in totally different light, full of unforgetable trips.

General Terms and Conditions


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Operation electro - scooter is very simple, the same rules apply as for bicycles. Of course it is brought electric - scooters and their subsequent, pickup on your selection of a desired location. Because your comfort is important to us.


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